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First I apologize for my English, I am not an English native speaker so I am sure there will be a lots of mistake in my explanation next below.

  • Your review of the Project. Was it easy, difficult, just right?

I have done a lot harder so it was ok. But I am not a designer, nor an artist so even if it is prettier than before, my website still lack of good looking.

I have a small problem with the JavaScript.
I wanted to do a smaller files and use to do a toggle but no success… So I did a toggle for all the buttons I have on the site : 9 buttons, so 9 functions.
The problem appears when I click on one of the button, it does not work the first click, it start working at the second click so if anyone have a suggestion, it will be great! tx.

We hope you enjoyed this project!

Thank you in advance for any feedbacks anyone can provide.

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Looks great to me, well done!

looking good!

The contactpage doesn’t have the link set to the main page so you’re stuck on that page.

Well, in fact you have… you have to clic on SBPK at the top left corner of the website. :blush:

I have to type at least 20 characters to be able to say : thank you. :blush: :yum:

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Ah, it’s only on the projects and the about me links on the contract page. Clicking on the contacts page opens a new page btw, don’t know if this was intentional or not?

Yeah, it is intentional. I often use the target attribute for my personal websites : target="_blank".
Indeed, I didn’t correct the nav bar on the contact page, I will do it Monday.
Tx for the feedbak.

So I found the solution for my click problem on stackoverflow:

I also corrected the navbar on the contact page.