Brand new, Beginner question

Hello everyone, glad to be with these forums as I take a dive
into programming. I’ve done days of research glanced around a
bit at Python and have decided to take in Java as my first language.
So here is my question …

I understand variables are used to store value.
So in the code below,

int myNumber = 42;
boolean tree = true;
char grass = 'G';

is 42, true, & A the values the variables are storing?
I also understand this question is most likely dumb
but i’m just trying to make sure i’m understanding it.
Thanks in advance


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Yes those are the values the variables declare are storing. Meaning that wherever we write myNumber it means 42. Likewise the other variables
if you were to write

System.out.println(myNumber); // we would see 42

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Hey thanks for that quick reply rydan.
Also thanks for re-assuring me what
I was talking about. So therefor, anytime
I used the variable names throughout the
script, would I just be referring to the value?

Yes that’s right. and if you change it along the way you will see the new value instead
for example
somewhere along your code you did

myNumber = 50;

calling myNumber will now be 50

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