Hi All. I am learning SQL due to new software we're using at work. I have gone through the intro to SQL class you offer and have made some good headway. I'm coming across queries in our new software that has items in brackets and I'm not sure what that means. Additionally I'm not seeing these items in the database as field names so they must refer to something else. Info entered by the user maybe? Please see the below query and let me know what you can tell me about the items in brackets ([]). Thanks!

SELECT * FROM ORDERDET WHERE JobNo = '[SearchVal1]' AND JobNo IN (SELECT DISTINCT JobNo FROM OrderRouting WHERE Status = 'Closed' OR Status = 'Finished')

P.S. This query triggers an email from the system to a given email address just to give you some background on what it does. Thanks again!


Which SQL system are you using...??
Is this SQL-Statement from the documentation....??