BPD Diagnoser: CS101 Portfolio Project

This is my first portfolio project for the first half of Codecademy’s Computer Science career path. It’s a simple terminal program meant to give people a simple idea of what their symptoms might mean in relation to Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s also meant to raise awareness against suicide and BPD in general.

Coming from someone that suffers from BPD, I’d like to dedicate my programming future to raising awareness for a variety of mental health illnesses people might not even know they have.

My code uses input and lists to keep track of the user’s symptoms, then, according to the selected symptoms, it draws up a plausible conclusion. If suicidal thoughts are one of the symptoms, then it prints info from the National Suicide Hotline.

Have a look at my code:

Please feel free to offer any feedback, ideas, and/or thoughts!

Thank you!