Boy, was I wrong!


Okay, I know this will sound crazy. But I thought Codecademy deceived me.

I was just making my code, typing at a speed of 45 WPM.
When I was done making the functionality of my code, I ran it.

But apparently, using the syntax that Codecademy taught me gave me just gave me errors.
I don’t know why, but it did.

Apparently JavaScript was checking the code and said it had no idea what function I was talking about. (I went to Developer Tools.)

And this is the part where I was getting paranoia.
So I went to the forums and started to make a post exposing Codecademy’s syntax usage.
To not be unjust, I tried to get the error again, forgetting what I got.

But it worked with the syntax I gave it earlier.
So I was like, “Forget it! Codecademy is awesome! :smile:
And that’s how I wrote this post.

I found it funny. A lot.

I hope this was worth reading for you!



Wow, that was funny…

Nice that you got it to work!


Haha, thanks. I tried clearing the syntax a bit, and I did get it to work.


That’s good to hear!