Box Model Practise Doubt

I just finished the box model module in the Web Development Career Path. As I was taking the practice quiz (not the quiz itself), I came across a question that I, in my opinion, answered correctly. Can someone please tell me if it was me that is wrong or the practice quiz itself?

It gave me two choices, content-box and border-box. The question was “Fill in the blanks so that the div will be rendered with a width of 200px.”.
This was the CSS rule in the question:

div {
  width: 140px;
  padding: 20px;
  border-width: 10px;

For this exercise, I had to add a CSS declaration to either set this <div>'s box-sizing property to content-box or to border-box. If I set it to border-box, the <div> will be rendered with a width of 140px, right? Because its width property was set to 140px. So I chose content-box. This means that the <div> will be rendered with a width of 200px: 140px + 20px + 20px + 10px + 10px = 200px

Looking at the documentation:

context-box seems like the right answer.

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So the problem is with the quiz?

I would argue so, yes.

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Hey @stetim94, I came across another practice with the same problem. Here it is:

Again, this is a problem with the quiz, right?

yea, using context box would make the element 240px wide. So border-box seems like the right answer

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Ok, thank you. Is there any chance this will get fixed?

I could make a bug report, but the url/link to the quizzes would help me a lot. This allows us to quickly find the quizz with the problem.

Here’s the link to the practise pack containg the quiz:

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Hey @stetim94, can you please check this question?

It tells me that the values of the flex-flow property must be written in order of: flex-direction flex-wrap
However, that’s not true. The values of the flex-flow property can be written in whatever order.
Here’s the link to the quiz: