Bot for Google Hangouts

So I’ve been fascinated with bots for a while and I was wondering how and what I should do to make a chat bot for Google Hangouts. Could someone explain what languages I could use and what i’d have to do to make it work? I use windows 10 and have some experience in js, java, and python, but i’m willing to learn new ones. Thanks in advance!

Chat bots aren’t an easy thing. I would recommend to find a tutorial online to follow, first explore your options. Googling something like chatbot tutorial is a good starting point


@stetim94 Thanks for telling me what you recommend me to do!

What i’m trying to do is pretty simple though. Maybe a response or two, and a system to add people to groups using chat. I’ve seen a bot made using python so I might start there.

Python is a good choice for a chatbot, there must be tutorials for it online :slight_smile:

a simple chatbot with 2 responses should be very do-able, once you get started and you have what you want, i am sure you are going to add more :wink:


So I installed a chat bot first, using a linux bash shell on windows 10, to see what it’s like.
To start the bot, a command has to be entered into the bash shell. How would I make the command run on the bash shell automatically? And how would I remove the bash shell from sight?

My question summed up is: How do you create a Daemon in Windows 10 using a Half Baked Bash Shell?

You don’t, you should really switch to Bash his natural environment by installing a linux distro. ideally, you would install it as dual boot or in a virtuablox

if you have the latest version of windows 10, ubuntu is also available in app store.

i switched to linux couple years back, loved it (in general, and for programming even more, like chatbots and web related things)

I would recommend you to do the same, but that is my personal opinion

How did you currently install Bash?


@stetim94 I installed the bash shell by going into the windows control panel and going into programs. From there, I went to ‘Turn Windows Features On or Off,’ and I enabled Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta). I then installed a couple plugins for the bash shell to have most of the features of linux. It can access my files, with the exception of changing the system of windows.

I do however have an actual linux system, namely Ubuntu, installed on my computer. However I find it inconvenient to restart the computer whenever I want to open it (Any way I can run without restarting computer? And without using virtual machines?).

The linux subsystem won’t do i am afraid.

You can look in the app store? See if you can find ubuntu in there, this is a full linux system, although this must involve some form of virtualization (maybe not a full virtual box but still)

Yea, i know its annoying to switch. But it seems ubuntu is really the better choice for the OS of your chatbot


@stetim94 Thanks for your final thoughts about this! I believe I will be considering switching!

No problem, i am sure that if you learn linux a bit more (do the introduction to linux course on EDX, you can audit it for free) you will like it as well