Boss Machine Test Issues

Working on the Boss Machine project and I’m confused with a few of the testing issues.

I am running requests with Postman.

The testing suite says it expects a 400 error if the idea is not $1,000,000 and the requests give that response yet the tests say it doesn’t.

Also, I’m handling all data validation in the checkMillionDollarIdea middleware and one of the validation tests requires a 404 error while the other requires a 400. So to pass the tests you have to validate twice. I’m assuming this is just poor design on the part of the tests rather than a problem in my design as I’m getting all the expected responses in my requests even if they don’t appear in the tests

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I have some trouble when I run the test. I got this message in the console:

Error: ‘app.router’ is deprecated!

Migrate express to 4.x version already.