Boss Machine - successfully populating minions in application

Hello everyone!

While working on the Boss Machine project link, I noticed that the minions will not populate in Minions.exe until GET routes are created for all three modules: minions, ideas, meetings. I had to play around with the solution code in order to figure this out. Before opening the solution code, I spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting my own code trying to figure out why my GET route to minions were not populating in the front end, even though my GET requests in Postman were working correctly. Is there anyone here that might be explain this for me?

Thank you so much.


I noticed this exact same thing today and spent too much time on this problem. I have not completed the other routes yet so will see if that populates it for me aswell.

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I too spent far too much time on this, after getting my minions and ideas get all routes I stopped to check the projects functionality. Spent hours looking for an error that I would build out with my next function. I guess sometimes it can hamper you to test too frequently.

Thank you @rubycoder46183

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Relieved that at least I am not the only one that caught this. Still, would be nice to know why.