Boss Machine not showing any contents in web browser

I’m working on the Project “Boss Machine” ( ](

(I have the same issue with my Code as well as with the Solution Code, so i expect this not to be a coding error)

When I open the index.html file in my Browser (Chrome, updated today), I see the Boss Machine Page but there isn’t any content (See Screenshots):

Also, when I try to create a minion, i can type in everything, but nothing is saved. Also, not requests are logged in my terminal where the server is running (altough I used morgan for logging).

Here are the steps I did, is there anything missing?

1.Download solution code and unzip it in a new folder (=root directory) npm install in root directory npm run start in root directory
4. open index.html in chrome by double clicking it in explorer

I guess i’m missing a small, but fundamental step when it comes to interacting with my backend via the frontend in a browser, but i have no clue what it is.
Thank you for your help

Okay, after hours on Stackoverflow I’ve figured it out: Seems like an Add Blocker or whatever blocked the connection to the Server. When I opened my Index.html in an Icognito Tab with all Add-Ins Disabled it worked fine.


Thanks a lot, I have spent hours trying to figure out why it doesn’t work even though my code passes all the tests… Your hint with incognito mode worked also for me! :slight_smile: