Boss Machine (Bonus included) - Plus two common errors

I finished the project without too many difficulties. The hardest parts were actually related to issues with the starter code at first.

  1. Dependencies are out of date: this post helped to resolve the redux dependency issues I was having: Boss machine project npm ERR! ERESOLVE unable to resolve dependency tree - #2 by coreace67697
  2. After fixing the dependencies, nothing would load. I continued to at least get the main routing set up in hopes that would help. Unfortunately nothing would load. After some research, I found discovered a suggestion that using a route to the public folder would resolve the issue and allow the pages to load. That didn’t work either. In the end, I modified that approach as follows:

I think this worked because the index.html file is in the root directory, not the public directory. If anyone has a better explanation, then please share!

  1. Finally, I was stuck on one item with the testing and couldn’t figure out why my ideas page would crash when modifying and idea. It turns out I was my response was using a Status of 204 for a put message, this message tells the browser not to reload as nothing changed. Unfortunately that caused a strange bug that took me quite a while to discover. The correct status should be 200 for this operation.

Hope some of that helps! Here is my repo:

GitHub Repo