Boredless Tourist Challenge

My question is about the project walk through on youtube.

At 38:59, instead of typing out the function the professor just makes it appear.

So, I would like to know is there some keyboard shortcut or something that allows you to do this inside the text editor?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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It’s not entirely clear since we’ve no idea what keypresses are being used and a few seconds before this there’s a “recording paused” window. I’d assume it was copy/paste as it’s rather complex- "name, assignment, function(arguments)" and the alternative is terrifying :wink:.

So far as I’m aware the standard cc environment has little to no autocompletes of any kind but you’ll find plenty in most personal IDEs/code edtiors which are often clever enough. There’s a balance to be found when you’re learning to code in doing everything yourself (even the boring bits) so as to remember things by repetition vs. what a lot of folks actually do and rely on their editors to autocomplete, flag errors and typos and keep the style consistent etc. etc. Especially when doing things the first time writing every letter yourself isn’t such a bad thing; at the end of the day it’s up to you what you choose to do though.

Thank you very much.

Yesterday, I decided to install python on sublime text editor 3. It took me really long, but once I got it working, it was really way more comfortable to code in that thing. And super fast to run the code, helping me to iterate through all the problems I was having with one of the challenges.

I really appreciate the reduction in typing also, using the autocomplete, because after typing a lot my forearms started getting stiff, so I was looking for a way to relieve that by typing less.

I just found out, if you press F1 in the code editor you get a list of all the possible commands.

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