Hi guys. I am trying to create a border around a heading, but it is not working. Additionally, I would like the background to be colored. I have tried adding background-color:blue; to the CSS file, but it does nothing.
This is my code for the border and the heading I am trying to border.

This is the html for the code.



In your CSS you have div twice that's probably the cause. What you should do is give your div an Id and select the div by its id.


It looks like it should apply the background color. See if making other changes in the CSS apply. If not it then could be that the file isn't linked correctly.

Also, as someone else mentioned, you have div twice in your CSS. CSS reads from top to bottom, so when you apply something twice the second will usually be overridden. But as far as I can see this would only effect your border-color, border-radius, height and width. Background-color should be ok.