Border width 1px


See it to believe it

Replace this line with your code.


make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%, browser zoom can affect the browser width


it is. i also used another browser. still doesn`t work


if it is 100% then the message changes to "color is not right" but it is


can i see your html code and can you provide the exercise url?


* {
    border: 1px dashed #0000ff;


i can see that the color is blue but still the message comes up


can i see your html code?



that is weird, everything is fine. I am pretty much out of ideas, that doesn't happen a lot


Same here again
Oh my god the course will close at 28th, I have to hurry!



I changed a browser and passed it.
Maybe try to change computer?


That doen`t work for me.


So how can I fulfill this class than?


i don't know, i used all the usual tricks that work, just skip it for nowand come back later


I just experienced the exact same bug on Firefox.
Changed to Chrome and works fine


This honestly keeps happening to me, on Chrome and Firefox. It's highly frustrating because I'm paying for this service, and if I just skip the lesson then I don't get feedback if I messed up some other element. sigh


this is part of the free course? Either make a new topic so we can help you, or ask the advisor.