Bootstrap project adhoc

Hi guys, it’s me again. I am trying to finish up my Bootstrap project and I am in need of assitance. I’ll include the link to the HTML file, I have a couple of issues. One is the layout, I did my best to get it to look like the final but its still not 100%. I’m very new to this and this is my first attempt at learning Bootstrap. Any help is very much appriciated. Thank you in advance.

my project - GitHub - apin1992/bootstrap-1

final project -

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Hi, can you provide a GitHub live page for your project it would be very helpful to give you some feedback or help

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If I did this right, then this should be my live site?
Please let me know thank you.

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Yeah it is, it’s very pretty well done, I suggest you to add some html attribute to the important title, and also add some <.br> for space the content cause in some point it appear a little bit too close or in alternative if you want you can also use the border CSS proprieties, maybe u can also test some different type of color like the lightcyan for the Administration made easy, also add a another couple of br at the end of every argument change for example separate the carousel from the footer using an divider, I personally really love the navbar I’ve found it clean and efficient, for the carousel I suggest to read this → Carousel · Bootstrap, cause it’s a really good idea put it here but maybe it’s better use some hight definition image and resize them for a better fit in the carousel.

if you have any other question i’ll be very exited to give you some feedback, I really appreciate your work continue like that <3.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to give me a great review. I agree that there needs to be more
to seperate content. I will give the link about bootstrap carousel a thorough reading. Again, Thank You! Appriciate it!

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