Bootstrap Installed Locally

Hello all, I recently completed the Basic Bootstrap course that is offered on Codecademy. I was able to do all sucessfully. I’ve had extensive website development background. The question I have is this.

When I installed the Bootstrap locally, some of the attributes were lost, not all. For example, the headers don’t appear as they should in the “jumbotron” container. This was working well until I downloaded the latest bootstrap source and put it on root. Oddly enough, other items appear to be working ok. Here is the callout for the bootstrap style

link rel=“stylesheet” href=“C:\bootstrap\css\bootstrap.min.css”

I am uploading a picture of the incorrect layout (it should show both incorrect as well as correct). Does anyone have any insight on this? Hopefully I provided enough information to help. Does Bootstrap change the way some of their callouts are? I know the class style was version 3.3.6, whereas Boostrap latest is 4.1.3. Thank you in advance.

Image can be found here

There were a lot of changes from bootstrap 3 to 4, you can see if what you want to do works the same in bootstrap 4 here.

Did you remember to include links to JQuery, popper.js and the bootstrap JavaScript files?

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