Bootstrap courses?

I absolutely love Code Academy, the lessions are easy to understand, and it taught me the basics of several languages in a couple hours.

I’ve learned: HTML, CSS, 45% done with PHP, JS, will do the other JS course and jQuery.

Anyways, on topic: Is there any courses planned for bootstrap? I know W3School has it, but I use that website more for looking up several functions, or the sort.

W3Schools style is basically throw everything at you with minimal details, while code academy does it in what I would call a gentle way.

I was going to learn SASS but I think bootstrap is LESS isn’t it? Anyways, any suggested places to learn it?

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Once you learn HTML and CSS, tackling Bootstrap is ‘easy’ for lack of a better word because the documentation they have on their site is so clear cut that any one with adequate HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge can understand and implement.

So I say don’t waste too much time waiting for a tutorial on here and dive in to the deep end with the skills you have and if you find yourself drowning drop and S.O.S on the forums. :grin: