Bootstrap #3 navigation - keep getting "add the class "pull-right" to the second ul element


3. Error msg: Add the class "pull-left", or "pull-right"

can anyone help me? have looked through all of this and im still getting "Oops, try again. Add the class "pull-left" to the first ul element"


Yes, I can. You are missing the bootstrap.css link that you added in exercise 1.


bootstrap.css link? can you elaborate? it was a month ago when i last used this


Click back to exercise 1 in that Bootstrap series and you'll see what I mean.

That exercise gets you to add a link to a file called bootstrap.css. It contains a LOT of CSS rules that target the class names, like pull-left and pull-right, that you are building your page with.


Hi i have the same problem but i checked and i have the bootstrap.css link up top
it keeps telling me i have to add teh second UL class element. Please help, i've looked again and again.


Your problem is a little different. You have too many ul elements. You begin this exercise with two and you should not be creating any new ones.