Hello Everybody!

I am rather new to programming and considering to enroll in a bootcamp (web development) to speed up my re-branching process. Are there any that you recommend or advise to stay away from? There is so many traps on this bootcamp market and I’d like to come as prepared as possible. I am based in EU and interested in an online bootcamp (I suppose that with all the covid situation it shouldn’t be an issue.) algthough I’m open to any efficient forms of learning.

Thanks for your opinions!

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If you’re looking to do it online why not try the web developer path here?

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There are many websites that rate bootcamps based on students’ experiences. Have you checked out those? (ie: Course Report, and the like).

As @barrystingmore mentioned, did you look into the web dev path here or other course offerings? (There is both free and Pro content.)

I’ve heard really good things about this one:

But most of the time, it will depend on your skill and dedication. Most well-known bootcamps will teach you the same stuff, similarly to how universities have more or less prestige while teaching similar material. It’s up to the students to squeeze every bit of value out of their program, to ask questions, network and take advantage of the bootcamp.

In New York City, these tend to be the best known bootcamps (in no particular order):

  • Hack Reactor
  • Flatiron School
  • General Assambly
  • App Academy
  • NYC Data Science Academy
  • CodeSmith
  • Fullstack Academy

Thanks for your replies!

@barrystingmore I am currenlty enrolled in the path but I assumed that the material covered in it would be more of a preparation for a bootcamp. It’s very useful but I doubt that I could land a job just after completing the Codecademy path.

@lisalisaj I have checked Course Report and SwitchUp, I’m just trying to get a broader view and possibly contact somebody who has done a bootcamp him/herself.

@irlfede Thanks for the recommendation! My dedication and determination levels are really high :slight_smile: Ideally I am looking for a bootcamp that will really challenge me and go a bit beyond the standard material.

So do you think that completing (successfully) a CC Web Dev Career Path would be enough to get a job? :thinking:

The general understanding is that must people use CC Web Dev Career Path as a primer to go out and learn more things. I believe I’ve read a few success stories of people that got a job after studying CC material, but it probably depends on where you are applying and what kind of job?

I got about halfway through the web development career path here at codecademy, it really sparked my interest in self-learning, so I can really dial in on what I really want to do. Someone once told me that “web developers are a dime a dozen” If that is your passion though, go for it!