So, this last summer I listened to a friends suggestion and signed myself up for a bootcamp. I read " No experience needed." Whoever wrote that is either completely bonkers or they have never had to maintain a full time job and learn at the same time.

Anyway I am about 1/3 through a MERN fullstack bootcamp through MITxPro. And they actually sent me pre course work which is how I found Codecademy. I absolutely love it. I did the free html, css, and javascript courses and thought I learned. I did learn a lot actually. I am currently redoing the courses but instead with the pro version. Pays for itself in my opinion. I have learned way more from Codecademy than the bootcamp. I am so grateful for this site and the people on it.

I am looking for new friends who may be completely new to some kind of javascript and want to just maybe keep in touch and work on/through stuff together. I have read pretty much everywhere that while you are learning it is good to network so I just wanna try it out.

How far are you in your journey and what is your first milestone you wish to reach?

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