Booleans wrong answer


Hi everyone,
Please, could you tell me why is this wrong?

# Assign True or False as appropriate on the lines below!

# Set this to True if 17 < 328 or to False if it is not.
bool_one = True   # We did this one for you!

# Set this to True if 100 == (2 * 50) or to False otherwise.
bool_two = True

# Set this to True if 19 <= 19 or to False if it is not.
bool_three = True

# Set this to True if -22 >= -18 or to False if it is not.
bool_four = False

# Set this to True if 99 != (98 + 1) or to False otherwise.
bool_five = False



Hi @methodpro91250,

Which of the above do you believe are wrong?


hi, thank you for the answer. I guess that none of them is wrong. it is just due to the “program” says that the exercise is wrong and I do not understand the reason.


Please post the message that says the exercise is wrong, so that we can figure out the reason for it.


Thank you appylpye for your help and your time. I do not understand but I have tried again the exercise, after reseting it, and the console says that it is ok. I am sorry but I do not know why.


All of your answers are correct, but occasionally a user discovers a bug that causes the submission correctness test (SCT) for an exercise to reject correct code or to accept incorrect code. The wording of an error message often helps us identify the nature of an SCT or other bug, if one exists.


Good Idea! I agree with you two. I think that the same thing has happened to me.


If I were you i’d try it again to see if it has been fixed.


@methodpro91250 and @codegoose7,

Sometimes you may need to refresh the page and re-submit the solution after correct code has not been accepted.

Codecademy staff do read the discussion forums, and are aware that there are some bugs that need to be fixed.