Booleans advice

Hello, I started going through the tutorials today for Python, which I’ve been putting myself to do for quite a while, but never found myself actually doing it. So, I did the tutorials up until the booleans and right now I am at This and That (or This, But Not That!). I have passed the rest of the booleans tutorials, but really didn’t understand a thing. So, I suck at math, big time. I have looked on youtube and found a couple of interesting videos which really helped me understand the basics of it, but the big picture still avoids me. So, from a YouTube video, I understood a part of it, which is : if there is an " or " operator ( parten me if its not called an operator, I’m not exactly sure ) you only need one if the statements to be true for the equation to be true, and if you have an “and” operator you would need both statements to be true for the equation to be true, if one of them is false, the equation is false. After I went through the tutorial the second time I spotted that you have written it exactly the same way, but the first time I read it I had absolutely no idea what it was supposed to be meaning. I’m a beginner , no coding experience. A few years back I kind of forced myself to learn something different, started with HTML, after 2 weeks in tutorials and some kind of confidence moved to CSS but got bored pretty quickly, because I received absolutely no joy out of it. So I abandoned it, but programming still feels nice to me so I promised myself if I ever started again it would be with a language that I enjoy, so here I am with Python almost 5 years later. I would love if someone of you nice fellas puts some time in a more in-depth explanation or at least point me in the right direction. Also, do you think you need to know a lot of math to get a grip of Python? The Tip calculator went fine, no worries, but the boolean equations really scare me, I’ve never been good at math anyways. Would you recommend that I register on Khan or something like that to get a better grip at coding in the future? I’d have to start at the basic things, but heh, it’s never too late. Apologize for any typos and punctuation errors, not my native language.

Forgot to mention, I’m only asking for help, even though I already passed them, because things are moving kind of moving too fast, 17% of the tutorial is completed after an hour or something , and I plan to go over it a few more times after I completed everything until I’m sure I’ve actually learned the things , not just powering through.

Get this book

I have it and it’s very good
You will even learn object oriented programming and programming with a GUI from it

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
I will look around if I could find a used copy in my country, because it seems to me kind of expensive, if I can’t find anything I guess I’ll just invest some money into it. I kind of enjoy the tutorials here but they , at least in my opinion, do not provide enough information or the information seems poorly worded, again, I might be the only one. I was thinking if it would be a good idea to get some math lessons as well.

The Python Reference will definitely help.

If you don’t like Math, then little nitty-gritty will get on your nerves, as programming is basically (in my opinion) thinking mathematically.

I got this book for $5 on Amazon, and it is by my favorite author on programming languages.

Also, this video is very good.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve decided that I will take some math classes along with python tutorials, might help me get through things easier. I also figured out it’d be a good idea to invest some money on a book. I have looked at a few examples , but it’s kind of confusing, because of the years they were published ( python 2 or 3 ) and also, a lot of them have quite the negative feedback on amazon from beginner programmers. Most of the books cost 100 or more bucks in my country, so I have quite a significant chance to get the wrong one, the one that is not appropriate for my level. So I plan to invest some money into an e-book, download their pdfs and read them there. If I find them helpful, I’ll just go to the mall and buy them to support their inventors and if they are not helpful I’ll spare me some bucks.