I am a beginner. I have the same question. What does it mean by typing my_int to the value 7 mean and then my_float to 1.23 really mean.

Is it like saying 7 is greater than 1.23 and hence the boolean is true in this example.

I am confused.

Insights into Boolen

it means you are naming variable in python and giving values to this variables.

this exercise you do not have comparison? You simply name another variable, which you give a Boolean value? Which can be either True or false.


Thank you,

one more question, so are there two variable here my_int and my_float and technically the two variable are "int" and "float" ?


my_int and my_float are of type integer and float, yes


One more help. I do not have any basis on computer programming but want to learn more. Is Python the place to start, I want something simple and easy to understand as a beginner.



python is the easiest useful language, the only language which are even easier are html and css, but those are mark up language to build webpages


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