Boolean Variables

So boolean variables are True/False. Following the same logic, why aren’t they Yes/No? It would make sense, and if they were Yes/No, then they would be applicable to more things.

Why aren’t boolean variables Yes/No?

I don’t see exactly how making them be Yes/No would make them applicable to more things…?

Well, I thought you could make more scripts that would work with Yes/No. For example, questions like, “are you okay”, or “are you on the forums right now” would work better with Yes/No, True/False works for most things, but some things could be more applicable with Yes/No.

Maybe this doesn’t make sense, I started a week or two ago, but I thought it was an interesting topic.

Even though Yes/No would be like, more fitting in those situations, True/False would actually also work.

Lol, don’t worry. When you’re starting out, it’s great to ask all the questions in your head :slightly_smiling_face:


oh ok, thank you! once I get a bit further I’ll look into it.