Boolean or String?

Hello everyone, new here ! (i don’t know if i’m in the good section)

I just started the Python lessons and finished the first class. I learned that a Boolean datatype was a = True and b = False (it’s a example), but when i took a quizz a the end it says that “False” is a String datatype. I don’t understand what a String is, and why in the lesson they told me False was a Boolean datatype.

Thanks for the help !

The reason the question in the quiz above is a string is because it is wrapped around to quotational marks,' ' but if it was to be written as a boolean it would be, False


Yeah, just saw that on the next lesson x) Thank you anyway.

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@bandit’s right. Basically, the quiz question uses 'false', which is a string because of the quotation marks, and another thing: in Python, booleans use capital letters, like so: True and False, so false wouldn’t be valid anyway, but that’s another thing :slight_smile:

Good job finishing it on your own :wink: