Boolean operators (&& || !) won't work

I am stuck on this topic of Boolean operators (&& || !) plz tell me what I’m doing wrong

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Boolean Operators: Precedence
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It keeps saying : Almost! Did you use each Boolean operator no more than once?

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public class Precedence {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		boolean riddle = ( !(3 > 5) || (1 == 1 && 1 != 1) );

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Your supposed to type the true false words right? Or just to boolean oprerator?

u are supposed to use Boolean operators to get an output of false, and I tried true / false and numbers and both said the same thing

this problem is happening to me too

The SCT expects an expression, not just false. The leading parenthesis might be the problem. Check all the brackets.

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