Boolean codes


I want to start learning programming and I thought Java is good start but I seems not able to pass through the understanding of Boolean. Can you please simplify this concept for me with a few beginner's examples



A Boolean basically represents two values - True OR False

Basically (100 === 100) will return true & (90 === 1) will return false.


.Boolean is a data type where the value can be true or false. Booleans can be used to make programming decisions.
For example:
if(boolean expression)
//The statements here will execute of the boolean evaluates to true
//Otherwise, the statements here will execute


Btw your currently writing in the javaScript forum, so is this related to JS or Java as they are not the same. (For booleans it doesn't matter that much both languages use them pretty much alike but still which language is this about)


I am basically trying to learn programming and thought Java is a good program to begin with. I dont really have an understanding about programming but I see there are lots of resources available. Thank you for your help


Well, you're more likely to get help if you ask in the Java forum. Despite their similar names, Java is not JavaScript.