Books genre classification - Data Science Capstone Project

My final data science project is ready!

This project aims to predict a book genre based on it’s description. In the notebook file you can find a link to the dataset used in the project and reference links.

If you have any feedback (even on my english) please share it, i would love to read it!

Link to the code: book genre analysis on Github

PS: the README file is in brazilian portuguese (pt-br)

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This link for some reason gives an error 404 :pensive:. Can I see your project somewhere else?

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BTW, the idea is very interesting, I want to try this tool, suddenly it will be useful for me

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I also support and want to see this project! I read a lot and there are times when it is difficult for me to choose a new book.

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The project has some issues because of few data, so i changed it to private. I will try to update it this week then i’ll update the link o/

OK! I will wait for an answer from you!

Sorry for the late response, been busy these months. Now, its updated, using more data. Please, if you guys have any feedback or tips, i’ll be very grateful.

Book genre analysis