Bookmarks: problem when seeding DB

Started to do the Bookmarks proj. and when I reached the point when I had to seed the DB, this is what the console gave as feedback:
ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError: unknown attribute: book_id
Caused by:
NoMethodError: undefined method `book_id=’ for #Review:0x000000050a4a38
Did you mean? book=
So I am wondering what did I miss?
Any thoughts?
( I am pretty sure I did everything according the instructions. Even checked out the video walkthrough.
No progress.
Would love any help, thanks!

I think you may have done the same thing as me and step 6 you may have changed the name to Books instead of Book. Changing Book in the seeds file to Books will work also you will need to use Books through rest of steps.
6. Generate a model named Book .