Bookmarks Concerns

May I ask, if it is possible to save code in “bookmarks”?
Much like a folder.

I have found that if, say an image code isn’t in the folder where the developing items are.
It becomes difficult to include, say, the image/video/audio if there is no connection in the immediate entity.

If us learners were able to have a folder here, of course moderated.
Would it not allow our learning to be more understanding, unless Codecademy had a library link we could access in our website?

Well, you could make codebits, but that is pretty much it. You could just create a folder on your computer and store all the image/html/css/js and more files in that folder (those folders if it grows to big)

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That is ABSOLUTELY FANTISTICALLY AWESOME:joy: :grinning: :yum::relieved:

Beside codebits, there are other sites with similar functionality, like jsbin, jsfiddle and codepen

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Sorry to be away so long, trying to bury my head in my uni course :slightly_smiling: