Book requirement

Hello, this is my first topic here.

I just started the Full Stack Development course and am a bit frustrated that I need to read a book that is not available in an electronic format. I noticed the first quiz had questions that must have drawn from the book, because it wasn’t anything that was mentioned during the first coding lessons.

If I take the standalone Javascript course, is it any different? Do I still need a book? Are there any replacement books that work as a substitute?


I can’t speak for the full stack course requirement because I have not done that path. But there is no such requirement in the Learn JS course. A few areas point you to the main JS MDN documentation for additional details or depth, but nothing physical that I recall.

Thanks for that, I will try just doing the Javascript course then. Cheers!

Hi Paul,
I completed 58% of the Full Stack Path. I haven’t read any of the books they recommend in the path. From what I remember, all of the questions in the quizzes were covered by the preceding lesson or the linked online articles.

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The phsyical books recommended in the Career paths are not at all required to understand the material or know the answers to the questions, they are supplemental. I’ve completed a large portion of the Data Science and Full Stack paths and haven’t had to leave Codecademy to find any of the answers to quiz questions. Do you have an example of a specific question that you feel wasn’t covered in the material?