Book Recommendation System

I have created a book recommendation system to complete the CS102.
I will still work on it, as I would like to improve it by for example, adding ratings :slight_smile:


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Hi Vero!

I know it’s been a while since you published this. It’s really nicely done! You used a very elegant and succinct solution.

The one error I found was that the path to “Libros resumidos en csv.csv” was absolute, so when I first launched the program it gave me an error. I added the following modifications to make the path “relative” to where the file is being executed from:

import os

current_file_path = os.path.abspath(__file__)

current_file_directory = os.path.dirname(current_file_path)

relative_file_path = os.path.join(current_file_directory, "Libros resumidos en csv.csv")

Hi Alex!

You are right!! :scream:
Thanks a lot for the feedback.
I have already changed it in the repo :slight_smile:

Please, let me know if you find some other errors, appreciate that :wink:

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