Bonus Codecademy Courses

This is a collection of old Codecademy courses I have compiled.
It includes some of Codecademy’s original tracks and also includes courses made by individuals wanting to challenge others.
This post is a wiki, so add any links to old courses you have found!

Warning: Most of these courses have not been made by Codecademy. They may have errors in, we have tried our best to test every course listed, but if a course doesn’t work please post below and we will remove it from the list.


JavaScript (Original) Track
The Original “Getting Started with Programming”
JavaScript Quick Start Guide
Introduction to JavaScript
Teach Yourself JavaScript
Introduction to Programming
Hour of Code
Hour of Code: Start Programming
Novice Values & Variables
Break and Continue
Recursion in JavaScript
Checking Parameters - Functions
Collection Types
Arrays and Functions Review
How to make JS your own

The Date Object
Build an ATM Program
Leaping Years
Raffle Contest
Snake Eyes
Christmas Presents - Objects
Challenge Set 1 - Michael Rochlin
Challenge Set 2 - Boring12345
Challenge Set 3 - Boring12345
Challenge Set 4 - Boring12345

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
Independent Coder
Independent Coder (2)
Method Chaining and ROT13
Advanced Array Manipulation
Introduction to Bitwise Operators
Testing your Code
Math in JavaScript
MARC Viewer
Build a calculator
Build a calculator II
Javascript basics
OOP in Javascript


JQuery (Original) Track
jQuery and Ajax
Basics of Jquery
How to use APIs with jQuery
Notes on jQuery
The jQuery UI User Interface Library
Using jQuery
jQuery Effects and Plugins



Web (Original) Track
CSS Coding with Style
Web Projects
The Titanic Aniversary

[DOM - 1] Intro to Client-Side JavaScript
[DOM - 2] Intro to the DOM
[DOM - 3] Translate a String to Spanish
Reading or Beginning HTML
Creating & uploading a simple website
Enhance your website
Designing a Professional Website


HTML5 Games: Physics
HTML5 Games: Getting Started
HTML5 Games: Getting Input


Teach Yourself Python
Python Batch 2 (Track)
Data Management for Scientists
Challenge Set 1 - Michael Rochlin
Challenge Set 2 - Michael Rochlin


Mastering Markdown - Dustin Goodman

Multimedia Projects (Demo)

Code Year Track
Cracking a Password
HTML + Javascript + CSS

If you would like to help find even more courses, please see this post.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to add your own links in!
Happy Coding,


@alexcraig I added some courses from my account. If you want to add some more courses you should look at Tommy Copeland’s account.


Codecademy Bonus Python Courses

Most recent update: May 15, 2018

Following is a list of Codecademy bonus Python courses. Some of the courses were contributed by Codecademy users, and the submission correctness tests (SCTs) may contain some bugs. However, there are or have been workarounds for all the SCT bugs in the courses listed here.

Teach Yourself Python
How to use APIs with Python
Acquire Kittehs!
Get Started with Sunlight Foundation
Getting Started with Bitly
Data Management for Scientists
Fun with Python Strings!
Python for HPC
Intro to Data Science
Exceptions & Basic Error Handling
List comprehensions and Generators
Data Structure in Python
Pythonic Algorithms 101
Advanced Argument Passing and Receiving
The New York Times API
Python Functions
A Dash of Python
Pythonic Basics
Python: Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries
Leap Year
Text-Based Maze Game
Intro to Python
Welcome to Python - The Basics
Getting Started with Python
Strings and Functions
Get a feel for programming
Zebra Puzzle in Python
If/Else Statements
Continuing In Python
Pizza Shop Ordering System
Tic Tac Toe
Starting Python
Python Programming
Iteration and generators
Becoming the Next Webster
Control Flow in Python
Challenges Beta 1
Python Classes and Objects
List comprehensions
Recursion in Python
How to use the WePay API - Python
Quick Learning About Everything
Pig Latin
Entrada/Salida en Archivos
PyCon intro to Python
Introduction to Python
Intro to Bioinformatics
Python Basics
Regular Expression
Listas y Funciones
Sintaxis de Python
Calculadora de Propinas
Variables, expressions et instructions
Strings y Salida en Consola
Fecha y Hora
Condicionales y Control de Flujo
Python review
Tomar unas Vacaciones
Listas y Diccionarios de Python
Un Día en el Supermercado
El Estudiante Se Vuelve Profesor
¡Batalla Naval!
La Práctica Hace al Maestro
Estadísticas del Examen
Temas Avanzados en Python
Introducción a los Operadores a Nivel de
Introducción a las Clases
Practical Python
argparse module
Exception Handling
Rock Paper Scissor
Tic-Tac-Toe Game
HTML and python
Modul 1: Einführung
Recursive functions
TEJ3M Culminating Day 1
Letter Frequency
Bioinformatica in de klas
Python Basics
Astronomy Analyzation
Introduction to Computer Programming
Python for begginers
inputs,str formatting, and math
I luv python
How do you feel?
UEPB - Algoritmos 2013.2
Aprender a Programar con Python
Python Challenges #2
Basic math with Python
Python 101
Dict comprehensions
Python - Umons
Python Threading module


Thanks @appylpye :smiley: I found your list in the old GItHub repos I saved but hadn’t got around to copying them over, thanks!


Jeez that’s a lot! :hushed:


This is a great list of bonus courses! Thanks for posting this!

Three questions though:

  1. is a badge available if a student completes all sections of one of these bonus courses?

  2. for the Mastering Markdown course, I’m finding that I’m unable to get (even an apparently) correct answer to be accepted by the autograder for sections 15 (Inline HTML) or 16 (Escaping is not a Problem). I noticed that another student had a similar problem as I had with section 15.

  3. I wonder if I’m currently not seeing a badge for completing all other sections of Mastering Markdown because:

  • it’s just a bonus course, or
  • because I didn’t complete all sections of it, or
  • some other reason

Thanks for any thoughts!



Good question,

These bonus courses you should receive badges but it won’t show up as completed course in your profile as it not a track course(not listed on CC)

For the Mastering Markdown not sure I see I also haven’t received badges for it(I also didn’t complete)

I have also done all the lesson but: 15. Inline HTML there is nothing we can do about this as CC engineers are working on new courses and don’t give out support to these old courses, these are not made by CC staff themselves :slight_smile:


Thanks @zainabrawat. So you found a solution to 16 (Escaping Is Not A Problem) that the autograder accepted?

If so, may I ask: what was it? Despite submitting at least 20 different solutions, I was unable to get a solution marked correct by the autograder for 16. I think that 15 may be a broken problem for everyone, but if you got 16 correct, then it may be that I’m failing to understand the specific instructions there.

Codecademy Bonus Ruby Courses

Most recent update: May 15, 2018

An Introduction to Ruby
Introduction to Classes and Objects
What is for dinner?
String methods
File Input/Output in Ruby
Ruby Object Model
Arrays in Ruby
Ruby Classes


To anyone having problems with Exercise 16 of the Markdown course:
What you are supposed to do is modify the “Trick to do” code so it looks like the “Expected HTML Output”. I found the solution in this old thread.

tl;dr: Change “Trick to do” code to <div>I am a &lt;div&gt; !</div>

Sorry about the caps, I’m excited! Replace one of the slashes in http:// with &#47;, that way the url won’t change to HTTPS!
Happy coding!


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NOTE: On July 5, 2018 Codecademy retired the content listed here, as equivalent skills are taught by Codecademy’s new content.