BoneOS Status


Hello Everyone! If u didnt know today is my birthday(turning 16 :smile:) . My team is currently developing BoneOS An open source operating system for everyone by everyone. You can look here for more details :

We also made our first release for BoneOS :slight_smile:

Without Codecademy i probably will have never went to code this deep.. I just want to express my thankfullness to codecademy and its great staff. Thankkkyouuuu!! :smiley:


Lol aman you're back! :joy:


Hey Amanuel! Long time no see!
Happy early birthday :slight_smile:, and congrats on BoneOS :smiley:


Yeah i remember last time i announced my birthday it was here when i turned 15.. guess im 16 now :wink:.


Not early since today is my bday but thanks :D. Yeah long time no see, sorry i was busy doing stuff. Yea thanks BoneOS Is going great(P.S. Linux is awesome :wink:


Oh sorry I read the part about your bday wrong :confused:


thanks again :smiley: (20 chars...)