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How can i change the position of the pull-right div a little bit left?

you can use the margin-left css property

did you see the code? i tried it in both .pull-right ul .pull-right li and doesn;t respond.

Also it is at in a top right position. Is it a problem with the div?

set the pull right div’s position to relative

it worked somehow but it responds weirdly in smaller screens.

the whole idea of .pull-right (which uses a float) is to pull the element completely to the right hand side, using margin to counter is tricky

instead, give .pull-right a padding-right, this will push the ul inside to the left

or use position: relative; and right: ..px on ul, that should also do the trick, given relative position works different from static position

@vlasischar, why is there no .pull-left on your bolt network image:

<div class="col-md-2" ><!-- no pull-left on this div? -->
          <img src="">

see comment. Float is tricky to work with, it takes element out of normal document flow, its easier to get bolt-network image and login on the same line when you also use pull-left, rather then fiddling with margins, which inevitable causes problems on smaller screens

so when i have to divs inline and use pull-right, i have to use and a pull-left property?

yes, you should, given how float works. Given its one of the trickiest things, there is even a visualization video:

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I’ll take a look!!

Thank you very much!!!

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Great help guys… Thank you