Bold vs Strong

What is the difference between bold and strong text?

Hi, I am new to coding and while I was practicing HTML I came across “b” as a tag for making text bold on google. In the Intro to HTLML lesson ( it has us use “strong”. I tried both of them and the result looked the same. I was wondering if anyone could explain the difference to me. Thanks!

Hey @michellicus,
There is something called Semantic (logical) Element which gives meaning to text/any data it wraps.

bold tag - <b> It’s not a logical tag, It just styles a text by bolding it.
It does not give text any meaning.

strong tag - <strong> is a logical tag and when it surrounds a text, it styles the text and also gives meaning to it.

suppose that a screen reader is running on a web page and when it sees <strong> tag, It will spell(with more emphasis) but same is not true for <b> tag.


Hope it helps!


Well, it’s actually not referred to as the ‘bold tag’, now.

It’s known as the ‘Bring attention to’ tag.

It’s apparently been left in the standard as a less specific method of highlighting e.g. a term, a product name, perhaps a person’s name, etc., but as you say where that highlighting does not represent a specific semantic importance.

In practice… the tag will make your text bold :grin:

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