Body Elements: 6. Paragraphs and Headings

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I keep getting an error message saying that I need to add something between each of the paragraph set, but I did add a sentence in each of the tags. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong… :disappointed_relieved: Can anyone help me? Thank you!

		Headings & Paragraphs

Something is Wrong!

This is the first paragraph.

And this is the second paragraph.

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make sure all paragraph tags are lowercase

All of the paragraph tags are lowecase… :confused:

In your screen shot it looks like you have a capital P in the first closing paragraph tag. fix that and that should solve your issue

Thank you, it worked! :smiley:

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nope, they are not. One closing and opening tag are uppercase


Your welcome that’s the one fun thing about coding/programming. Is one little typo can wreck havoc on your app. Sometimes it helps for a fresh pair of eyes or to even walk away for a little bit and come back to it with a clear head (which in my case has been days later in ruby programming). Once you start dynamic web pages you’ll probably run into issues like this more times than you’d like.