Blogger & sql database

I create a table in blogger and this table has ID , name and department and small search box the problem is when I search about ID , all the table data came as a results and i want to give a specific data with this ID how i do that ?

What language is being used ? just sql ?

also can you show us what you have ?


thank you for your answer …

look I create a table in database(local host) how can i upload this database into the blogger and search in side it by just ID for example ( User has a specific ID when he searching about it he will get his a specific data this data come from database )

the another way i create a table a normal table in blogger with same data and small search box when user witting his id he will get his a specific information from table like his name , department and age how i can build it ?

you don’t. You usually have at least two databases (local, for development) and the production database. A third one (testing area) is also quite common, especially if you work together with other developers.

we are suppose to know what the blogger is? That could so many things.

i explained this concept already? Have you already made the scripts which query the database?

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I completed this but all my work still at local host ( no user can see his specific data) i want upload this at web with out hosting so i tried to use the google blogger to upload my database even i try to create a sample table directly in google blogger but when i searching about some id all the table came as results

everything on the web is hosted, google hosts blogs.

google blogs is not a very suitable platform for what you want to do, then you have to do it the way blog dictates you, which isn’t what you want.


my work is a small project not a big web site to search where i can hosting my site? it’s small and hosting companies is not free , but i want to ask you can this project connected with web page like our college site ?

free hosting will always be shady, they do exist (search query: free php webhosting)

i don’t think you are ready to go live with your site yet.

haha you are right .

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