Blockchain Developer Career Path

Hello there,

My name is Riccardo Scarpis.

I am enjoying my time at codecademy learning how to code!

I would like to open a new topic in regards to the new trend on Blockchain technology such as creating new Ethereum based tokens , smart contracts and decentralized Apps and NFTs.

Before I summit a request for a new career path, I would like to chat with you ( community ) about this new technology.

What do you think?

I think Blockchain is the future.

Please share your thoughts.

Riccardo Scarpis


Just wanted to drop this in here: although not a path, CC has an existing course about blockchain using Python.


Hello Victoria,
Thank you for letting me know about this class.
Blockchain developer should be a complete career path.
Did you take that course?
Let me know,
Riccardo Scarpis

I did take the course. It is a shorter course (expected completion time is 2 hours), but it’s meant mostly as an introduction to blockchain for those already familiar with Python. It teaches you the basics of what blockchain is about and how to implement a very basic version of it in Python.

If you’d like to suggest a blockchain career or skill path, you can make a post in this category: Suggestions; Feature and Course Requests - Codecademy Forums.

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I got started in Blockchain from thewebuniversity’s this crypto guide. Then I got very excited about this new technology and learned many things.

@riccardo.scarpis , this is a cool idea! I’m a Senior Content Developer at Codecademy currently working on Cybersecurity content, and I’ll definitely add this to my list of future content to consider. I have content currently scoped for the next few months, but I’m excited to research this more and see if it has a place in our catalog!


@riccardo.scarpis This is something I would also like to see on codecademy! Thanks for raising the request. Hope that codecademy team brings this career path on its platform!

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Hello Victoria,
Thank you for letting me know.
I will definitely take that class.
Riccardo Scarpis

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Hello There,
I will be amazing for sure.
We will be able to create our app and then integrate the blockchain technology.
Hopefully they create an entire career path.
Riccardo Scarpis

Hello there,
How was it? did you learn how to program the smart contracts?
Let me know please.
Riccardo Scarpis

Hello Sargould,

I am very happy that this idea of an entire career path for Blockchain Developers looks interesting to you.

I would like to help you on this task:

I can give you access to a boot camp that I paid for you to see their content such as ethereum based tokens, nfts, smart contracts etc.

In addition to this I can offer some financial help for codecademy to develop the career path.

Would be great to learn how to implement front end + back end + blockchain.

I think this career path will get many people to subscribe to Codecademy services around the globe being so easy to marketing.

Can i help?
Let me know.
Riccardo Scarpis

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I just started your Cybersecurity course and I’m loving it. I think it’s a super interesting industry and I hope to see more content or a career path course coming soon! Thanks for all you do.

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If we did work on a Blockchain path, it likely wouldn’t happen until 2022 (we have some other exciting content coming down the pipeline). I really appreciate your offer, and, if we work on this path, we will definitely be hiring Content Contributors to help work on it.

I will definitely let you know if this makes its way into our roadmap! As always, it’s so exciting to hear what content Codecademy users want to see. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jamocancode ; that’s awesome to hear, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the course. I think Cybersecurity is such an interesting field.

If you have any feedback on the course, definitely let me know!

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Capabilities for the future

As blockchain technology is still evolving, and there is a difference between the promised value of the company and the actual value of the business, this study enables many things to be explored in the future. Blockchain technology in USA market potential is already in its infancy and will further grow. Business leaders will see how blockchain can help build more dynamic methods and unique financial models. Blockchain helps change industries across sectors across the globe. Greater trust by eliminating duplication of effort leads to greater productivity. The supply chain, food delivery, financial services, government, retail, and more are being revolutionized by blockchain.

Hi Sargould, I am also very interested in a “Blockchain developer” career path on CodeCademy. I completed the short Blockchain course here on CC and it was way too short! Recently I cancelled a pro-level annual subscription to because the quality of their blockchain programming videos is awful. They actually do purport to offer a kind of career developer path for blockchain developers, but the quality of their coding curriculum is terrible. I would be thrilled to find a blockchain career path here in codecademy, including areas on bitcoin, ehtereum, smart contracts, NFTs, ERC20, etc.

Thanks for your consideration.


Hello Scott.

I am also a Blockchain enthusiast. I haven’t taken any courses as of yet, but I am quite excited about the technology and it’s potential.

Sometime back I stumbled upon a curated resource of Blockchain learning resources, something of a roadmap. I hope it will be of use.

Happy Coding.

Hi there, I think blockchain career path should be added too since blockchain is an emerging field. Definitely can’t wait for Codecademy to map out the blockchain career path. @sargould

Hey, discussion very interessting!
I am searching some guide orcourse about nft dev, for reliability application.
Did people found something on codeacademy or others!?

Really blockchains is growing so tools and skills is need to learn.

Have a good day!

Hi People,
Is there any chance that codecademy introduces a blockchain career path?
It would be nice have all the knowledge to be able to build DAPP on the binance smart chain.
@sargould I remember your saying that perhaps you could work on this career path.
We are desperate in need of this. There is an entire gaming industry using the NFT technology however there is so little people that can work on this.
Thank you for your time!
Sincerely, Riccardo Scarpis