Block letter ASCII

Write a Python program called that displays the initials of your name in block letters as shown and dip your toes into ASCII art.
please explain, as i dont know anything about ascii and block letters
i stuck with 3% of course and seriously this course does not help…

I think they want you to create the letters using lots of space characters, newlines and the actual character in ASCII form. So for example the letter ‘A’ might look like-

letter_a = """\
 A A 
A   A
A   A
A   A"""

If I’m thinking of the right set of lessons there should be hint boxes in the instructions on the left (click them and they drop down to show more info) that will help a lot to get you started.

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please can you provide with the basic codes and how it works…

Have you viewed the hints? I think there are some good examples in them.

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i got it… thanks mahn!!

i am not getting next option…what to do…???
#Andrew Symonds

#Fun Fact: I am a great comedian

print(" A SSS ")

print(" A A S S ")

print(" A A S ")

print(" AAAAA SSS ")

print(" A A S ")

print(" A A S S ")

print(" A A SSS ")

It might be one of the projects where you have to tick off the stages yourself. If so click on each instruction on the left to mark it as done (should then show a green tick) once you’ve completed it.

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Hi, apologies, I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask this question. Pls lmk if there’s a better area of the forum to ask this!

I’m curious to try the “Projects” in the CS101: Introduction to Programming course, eg this Block Letters one.

However, the “Start” button is greyed out in the screenshot, as you can see (in the bottom left). Why is that? Does that mean I won’t get the course telling me whether I’d done it right or not?

It seems like this is a lesson you have to tick off yourself. So follow the instructions on the left and mark your own progress. I might be mistaken but Start should be yellow(ish) at first, you click it and it disappears to be replaced by a list of instructions to complete. If you can’t see the instructions (try scrolling on the left) or mark them off then I don’t think you’d be able to to complete that project.

Might be worth viewing the following guidance if a simple page refresh doesn’t get things working-


Thank you so much for the speedy response!

I’ve tried all of that, but the “Start” button is still greyed out, unfortunately. I’m wondering if maybe Projects like these are subscription content I can only access if I get a Pro membership (I’m on the free membership currently)?

In any case, I’ll message Support too and ask them! Thanks again.

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You may be right there. There’s a header in your screenshot that mentions CS101 which I’ll assume is the computer science path that it definitely a paywalled PRO course at the moment.

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