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Oops, try again. false

var cashRegister = {
    //Dont forget to add your property
    add: function(itemCost) { +=  itemCost;
    scan: function(item,quantity) {
        switch (item) {
        case "eggs": this.add(0.98 * quantity); break;
        case "milk": this.add(1.23 * quantity); break;
        case "magazine": this.add(4.99 * quantity); break;
        case "chocolate": this.add(0.45 * quantity); break;
        return true;
    //Add the voidLastTransaction Method here
    voidLastTransaction: function(){ -=this.lastTransactionAmount;


//Void the last transaction and then add 3 instead

//Show the total bill
console.log('Your bill is ';


You didn't write:
this.lastTransactionAmount = itemCost

after these two lines:



In your add Method
you should add a code-line
this.lastTransactionAmount = itemCost;

add: function(itemCost) { +=  itemCost;
        this.lastTransactionAmount = itemCost;

with this.lastTransactionAmount you are tracking the =last= scan transaction......

And if you want to be perfect

  • you should have initialized the lastTransactionAmount property like you did with total
    lastTransactionAmount = 0 ( don't forget the comma-, separator )

  • in your voidLastTransaction Method
    you should re-assign the this.lastTransactionAmount to zero
    =after= you re-assigned the
    this.lastTransactionAmount = 0;
    therewith securing that a multiple call of the voidLastTransaction
    would not lead to an unwanted effect.


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