Blackjack project Calling a class method needing self arguement

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I am trying to write my first python project blackjack. I was advised to write the program with each class and its methods in a different file so that the code would be more manageable. I divided my code up into smaller files and used import statements.

When I run my code I get the following error message. Chips.place_bet() missing 1 required positional argument. โ€˜selfโ€™. I thought self was, pardon the pun, self explanatory. I do not need to put a value for self. I am wondering if this is an import issue.

I am trying to get my place_bet function to activate so that I can ask the user to input the number of chips for a bet. Can anyone advise me on how to do this?

I have used hastebin to copy my code into a manageable link as I do not know how to upload files into stack overflow. I have also combined all of the code together in one link here separated by the file name.

Does anyone have advice for a rookie?

I have tried calling the function and have gotten an error. Nothing else to be honest.

Hey strikeouts27,

There are a few errors in this code. Since you moved display_chips under the Chip class, it needs self as an argument:

    def display_chips(self, player, dealer):
        print(f'player chips: ${player.chips.balance}')
        print(f'dealer chips: ${dealer.chips.balance}')
        # Displays player and dealer chip count

The same for display_hand_two.

    def display_hand_two(self, player, dealer):
        # Displays player and dealer hand
            f'players Hand: {player.hand.display_hand()} -->  total {}')
            f'dealer Hand: {dealer.hand.display_hand()} -->  total {}')

In your current code, you have two main() functions - get rid of one. You also noticed you have two display_hand functions; One takes two arguments and the other takes none. Decide which one you want top use on line 233, and Line 247, 266, 269, 273, and 276.

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I have a couple of questions.

What does if__name__==โ€˜mainโ€™:
main() do?

Is this where I place my gameplay code?

When you say that you get more functionality using len and get item what do you mean by more functionality?

In I print statements welcoming the player to the game. I want the user to input their name and that name be used throughout the code. Is there a way to create the player or instantiate the player based on the name given? Or is it far simpler to just call the user the user and create a player object named user?

I am starting to think that I need to take the github course in codecademy and pass it so I can upload code and document changes.

most up to date code is: Hastebin
I wanted to thank you again for helping me