Blackjack portfolio project. Feedback wanted

This is a simple and lightweight python program that plays a simplified version of blackjack that runs on the terminal. It contains all the functions of a regular blackjack game, except the option to split your current hand (coming soon ;D).

Your given a budget of $500 dollars at the start and the option to play at various tables, with different bets and dealers. If you lose all your money the game automatically ends.

I used OOP to create a card, player, dealer and casino classes. Each card is an object holding a rank and suit attribute, as well as method to show the cards value. The dealer deals by selecting a random card object from the deck - an array of all 52 possible cards. These cards are added to the hand array of the player and dealer.

Wins and loses are calculated by comparing the value of the players hand with the dealers hand and busts occur when the hand value of the player or dealer is greater than 21.

This is a link to my github repo if you want to try it out for yourself.