BlackJack - My First JavaScript Project I've Ever Created Without Following a Tutorial


Just wanted to share and request some feedback on my first “tutorial free” project I have created. It’s pretty basic for the time being (definitely spent the bulk of my time on the JS, not as much worried about the design at the moment) but every part of it was created by me without following any tutorials.

I am intentionally avoiding frameworks at the moment, So this was created using HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JS only. I would love some input as I am very new to web programming in general and everything I’m doing I’m just kinda figuring out on my own.


Congrats on completing your first project without the training wheels! This is a great start.

As far as game play, the basic functionality is there, but a few more features would make it even better. The first hand I was dealt was 11 and I really wanted to double down! :joy:

I only looked over the JavaScript, but I do have a few suggestions:

  • Ditch var in favor of let or const, and if you don’t plan on reassigning your arrays/objects then use const for those as well. Remember, you can still alter what is inside the object or array when it is declared with const, you just won’t be able to reassign the whole thing.

  • Try to find a shorter way to achieve your shuffledDeck array and reset function. You did the right thing, going for straightforward code that works. Now that you’ve got everything working, you can go back and refactor your code. Ideally, shuffledDeck and reset() shouldn’t need to take up 144 lines of code. Figure out a way that makes sense to you, whether it is using loops or .map, or something else.

  • Finally, have fun with this project and come back to it from time to time. If you’re feeling burnt out on the project, take a break and come back later. Each time you come back, your skills will have improved and you will see a way to make the project better.

Happy coding!


+1 mega-congrats @awoo452 :tada:


Wow, thank you so much for the input. I will absolutely take it into consideration moving forward with this project, it’s certainly not complete!



I won a few games! lol

Congrats! I can understand the feeling, building your self confidence!

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