Black screen?

I am new to writing code. I chose the computer science career path and began to learn python. All was going well, until this happened:

As you can see the output screen is blank and is staying this way. I’ve tried switching browsers, resetting my progress and skipping too different lessons but nothing seems to do the trick.
Really frustrating as I just started to learn and was really enjoying the process.
Daniel F

Hello! Welcome to the forums.

You have to call the function (as it states in the # (comment) above :arrow_double_up:)

You defined the function but you need to call it to invoke those print() statements.

Check out that section’s Cheatsheet:


No it is not only for this page. This was just a clear section I was using as an example, it is like this on every-page… even after I’ve used code solution.

So, what happens when you type:

Are you using Chrome?