Black screen in courses

When I got back to my SQL course days ago, I started getting a black screen without any content on it. Other courses run into the same problem as well. I’ve tried everything on the troubleshooting guide. Still no luck. So I went deeper into dev tool on my browser and saw several prompts stating that access to what is supposed to show on the screen at some urls from codecademy has been blocked by CORS policy with the quote “No ‘Access Control Allow Origin’ is present on requested resource.” Then I started wondering if it’s got something to do with my pc or something else. Any helps would be much appreciated.


What OS are you using and what web browser? Also, if it’s Chrome, do you have any extensions installed? Are you using HTTPS or HTTP in the codecademy URL?

I’ll ask around and see if I can find some answers too…

Please submit a bug report to CS:


Thx for the quick response. will file a bug report later. and btw, I’m working on Windows 10 Home and Pro (I get 2 desktops). I also get a macbook. I tried Edge, chrome, firefox, opera and safari. None of them worked. As for the URL, I don’t think I changed that. Cuz I’ve been logging in everyday. The problem only emerged since Oct 1st.


I faced the same problem when i access all the course.

I’ve made contact with support team. They said it has something to do with VPN. And the weirdest thing is, I didn’t use any kind of that stuff.

i do not use any VPN too.
Also, i can access the course just a few days ago.
It show that the environment is work.

VPN on your end or something in the configuration on CC’s end?

Is that all they said?

They said my ip address and geolocation is not at the same place, which means I was probably using VPN, which it’s not true. So I switched to another network as they suggested, using my mobile phone. It wouldn’t even let me through the security check.

The course was down since Oct 1st in my case. Kept working on it till now. Probably I need to work harderXD

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I have the same problem. I am pissed off for almost 3 weeks since i learnt nothing but wasted time.

I’ve given up any further attempts and started working on other things. It’s pain in the ■■■ not coding day and night though.

I Have this some problem. Is there any solution?

Nah. The problem still persists. Perhaps waiting would be the best bet. Or you can check the console in your browser and see what error messages you got there. It may give you some hints. Mine said the site access is denied due to some CORS policy.

Also due to CORS policy. Is the codecademy team realize this problem?

They told me it’s probably the VPN that got me into this problem. Also the ISP you subscribed to is likely causing connection issue. But I can’t tell if it’s the reason since I got only one ISP provided. Maybe this works for you if you get multiple ISPs.

It’s happening for me :frowning:

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For how long? It’s been like more than 1 month in my case:(

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Only 1 of my house wifi had this problem.

Maybe it’s due to the IP Address of that wifi has been accidentally exposed to some malware/suspicious acts.
I’ve been receiving captcha validation every time I open a new tab on my browser while this Codecademy error has occurred.

I think you can try resetting your Internet Router, ask your ISP to reset the IP for you, or just do the captchas for a while - if your IP Address is not detected any suspicious activities anymore, it will automatically lift the ban.

I have the same problem for all of my courses too…it has been a while now. But I hope the maintenance today can fix that.