Black color only in the interactive mode

Hi everyone,

My problem is my brower always turns black when I access each course. (e.g. there should be a guide text and console but pure black color only)
I tried to use different browers and different modes but did not work at all.
Has anyone experience this and knows the solution?
I try to contract the support team but no responses yet.

Many thanks

Please let us know your subscriber status. Are you a Pro subscriber experiencing this problem?

Also, please post a link to an exercise page that demonstrates this behavior.

A screenshot would be optional, but may give a clue, as well.

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Thank you for your reply.
I am a pro subscriber and I tried both free and pro account therefore I don’t think this is the make the difference.
The screenshot I attached hope you can see what I mean.
Actually just the screen turns to black background only after I click start or resume on any course.

It, to me boils down to an access issue. Try logging out and logging in again. What effect does that have (as if I’d know)?

Unfortunately, nothing happens after I logging out and in again.

But I think you are right perhaps this is may due to access issue.

As when I access course without account there are things there.

However even I sign up a new account the screen turns black again.

Learn Python 3 is a Pro subscriber course. The Learn Python 2 course is open to the public free of charge.

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