Bit of This or That


Where do I find the or operator?


Have you read the lesson text? The title to this topic uses it, as does your question.

or  =>  OR operator



Are you referring to the logical OR operator or the bitwise OR operator?

As @mtf explained, the logical OR operator consists of the characters or. However, if you are working on the A BIT of This OR That exercise, you need the logical OR operator instead, which is the | character. On my MacBook Air, it is the shifted character on the same key as the backslash, which is on the right side of the keyboard.




Actually, the reason for the confusion is that the user asked about the or operator in the title of the post. Programmers often refer to the logical OR operator as simply the OR operator, since it is encountered more often than the bitwise OR operator. To unambiguously distinguish between them, it is best to include the qualifying adjective when referring to the bitwise OR operator.


It was still my bad for not reading the category in the heading, so fixated on or that the obvious was lost. Hope this isn’t what aging is about… Confrimation bias.


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