Biodiversity Project (Analysis Report feedback please)

Hello, there.
I’ve just fully finished my biodiversity project. This project took me a long time since I didn’t plan well when starting. For example, I forgot to check the duplicates and analyzed biodiversity based on number of observations instead of number of species. :joy:
Here is my project repository:

This is my first time writing data analysis report. Tried to find good examples but not found one. I thought and tried to write along with the instruction in the course.
Here is my analysis report:

The recommendation of my report (also my notebook) will be greatly appreciated. :star_struck:

Hey @ ranchanakiriyapong31

This is a super cool submission. I like the report layout, very analytical and detailed. I’d suggest adding a table of contents for easy navigation, but other than that stylistically it was great!

My favourite aspect was how you dug in to identify the most endangered species by observations: very helpful info for the conservationists.

Some suggestions:

  • You say “There was not much difference between on-status species and species of concern”. It’d be a great addition to do a statistical analysis (maybe ANOVA or chi2 depending) to put an exact significance value against that assertion.
  • One final piece of the puzzle is a high level view tying observations, species type, conservation status status by park together. This is a big ask since there’s so many categories I know, but it’s a good exercise. An example could be like below:


Hope some of these suggestions were helpful :slight_smile: Please do check out my submission as well and offer some critiques! Bio-diversity Project submission

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Thank you so much for taking your time on reading my project and also suggestions. I’ve never thought about applying hypothesis testing in my analysis. Such a good suggestion!

I’ve checked your project. Please see in the topic.