Biodiversity portfolio project

Hi all,
Heres my Jupiter notebook for this challenge. I really enjoyed this work and have looked through others after finishing my work and am super impressed by the standard these are made at - mine is somewhat more basic!!



First of all I wanted to mention that I highly relate to being impressed by the standard of the projects on this forum, so many people have impressive work here! Yours is no exception :slight_smile: !

I noticed that you had written your code in different ways than what is explicitly taught in the training, so I appreciated your new insight (i.e. using unstack instead of pivot).

I would also suggest removing the duplicates and cleaning the data before the data description and analysis begins, this way your initial findings are not skewed into one direction.

Also, in addition to your graphs that break down species by conservation status, I would also suggest creating another set of visualizations that display the information, but excluding the species that are classified as “No Intervention”. This may make it more clear which animal species has a higher or lower amount in each category. For example: in the third bar chart, it is hard to tell if mammals or birds have a higher amount in the “Species of Concern” section.

Lastly, I would recommend writing this analysis in a more formal display, with a proper Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, and perhaps some more self reflection on the project attached at the bottom. This is especially something I realized I had personally needed to work on after reading other user’s projects on this forum.

Again, you did a really great job, I felt your code was very clean and did not have unnecessary lines and clutter. I also liked that you did a breakdown of the Warblers and other common species specific types.